Night of the Shaggoth

Night of the Shaggoth Folio

Probably one of the proudest projects I've ever created. Night of the Shaggoth was a labor of love. I have always enjoyed Lovecraft, Heavy Metal and horror movies. I tried to combine all of that into this folio. Samantha Temple, meek, studious college student will have a night that will transform her forever...quite figuratively. This was a folio that came to me much like a Lovecraftian fever dream. Told out of sequence and meant to be a dream-like nightmare...or fantasy...Night of the Shaggoth was something I have always wanted to revisit. I have a sequel to it, just need to let it flow out much like this one did. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it! Almost 60 images including color and sketch pieces not used in the final...or are they. I let YOU put this story together and see if you can survive the...Night of the Shaggoth.

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